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When should I reach out to a personal injury lawyer?

Updated: May 22, 2023

My advice is the earlier, the better. Certain types of cases have procedural requirements that must be undertaken within a specific window of time after the accident or injury occurs. Some slip and fall cases, hit and run accidents, dramshop cases (negligence in the sale of alcoholic beverages), medical malpractice cases, and cases against a city or town government are all examples of cases where our laws can impose time deadlines on procedural steps that are a prerequisite to filing a lawsuit in such a case. The failure to take these steps by the deadlines can be fatal to your case. Furthermore, evidence can be lost, witnesses can be difficult to locate, and the passage of time usually results in a fading memory of all those involved. Reaching out to an attorney earlier can help preserve important evidence in your case. Your attorney can request camera footage, interview witnesses, analyze “black box” data recorders, inspect and photograph the scene, and take other steps to save helpful evidence.

Perhaps most importantly, reaching out to a lawyer earlier can give you peace of mind. If

you have thought about contacting a lawyer, there must be a reason. So give me a call and I will listen to the reason you think you might need a lawyer. Speaking to a lawyer is a way to have some of your questions answered about potential liability for your injury, or criminal liability for your actions, and some of the issues that could arise in your case. I will give you an honest assessment of potential claims or defenses you might have based on the facts you tell me. There will be no pressure whatsoever to hire me as your lawyer so, give me a call! There’s nothing to lose!

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When to Reach out to a Personal Injury Lawyer - John B. Kulevich - Boston, MA


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