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Criminal Defense Attorney in Hingham, MA

Welcome to The Law Office of John B. Kulevich! I’m a criminal defense attorney with several years of experience handling criminal cases in Massachusetts. I’m knowledgeable, compassionate, and tenacious, and use these attributes to ensure the best representation for my clients.


If you’re charged with a crime, contact me today for a free initial consultation.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Who Understands Your Rights

Criminal law is a crucial and complex part of the legal system that deals with various unlawful acts, including homicide, assault, theft, and drug offenses. These cases are often sensitive, requiring specialized attention and expertise — and every case is unique. 


If you're facing criminal charges, you deserve a fair and just defense. I believe in upholding the rights guaranteed to you by Massachusetts law and the U.S. Constitution. 


From the moment you reach out to me, I prioritize familiarizing myself with your unique situation. I analyze the facts of your case thoroughly to craft a strategic defense tailored to your specific needs.

Common Defenses in Criminal Law Cases

An important aspect of any criminal law case is the concept of mens rea, or your mental state at the time of the alleged offense. Establishing mens rea is vital in determining whether or not you’re guilty of a crime. 


Prosecutors must prove that you intended to commit the crime, and if there was no mens rea, you may be acquitted. Another aspect of criminal law concerns your constitutional rights. 


You’re entitled to a fair trial, the right to an attorney, and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I consider these concepts to identify your best defense.

Enlist an Expert Criminal Defense Attorney to Advocate for You

As a trusted criminal defense attorney, I believe in ensuring that the legal process is fair and just for all individuals, regardless of your background or status. Even better, I understand mens rea, and I defend your constitutional rights during each stage of the legal process. 


I’ll explain the nuances of your specific case in everyday terms, then create a personalized defense for your particular circumstance. From the initial arrest to the final verdict, I’m a committed partner for identifying your best strategy, then fulfilling that strategy with professionalism and compassion.


To enlist a determined and experienced criminal defense lawyer to fight for you or someone you care about, contact me today and let’s schedule a free initial consultation.

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