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About Me: Personal Injury Lawyer & Criminal Defense Attorney

The vast majority of civil cases are settled before a jury trial. However, I’m convinced that a personal injury & criminal defense lawyer must be ready and able to litigate a case if it would be in the client's best interests. Contact The Law Office of John B. Kulevich today to schedule a free consultation.


Not Your Typical Criminal Defense & Personal
Injury Attorney

My background is not what you might expect from a typical attorney — but I’m not a typical attorney. I’m a classical percussionist, I’ve performed: 


  • With the Boston Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall and Symphony Hall

  • For the Boston Ballet’s yearly production of
    The Nutcracker

  • For three seasons with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra in the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas inside the Petronas Twin Towers

A few years into my career, I chose to put down my sticks, mallets, tambourines, triangles, and cymbals to pursue a career in law. Now, I practice civil litigation in courts all across Massachusetts.


My Legal Experience & Education

While in law school, I held several judicial internships while working full-time in a law firm. I was a student prosecutor for the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, and a technical editor of the New England Law Review. 


After graduating from law school, I was a law clerk for the Honorable Gregory I. Massing, Associate Justice of the Massachusetts Appeals Court, where I researched appeals of criminal and civil cases. All of this experience prepared me for a career as a criminal defense lawyer in state and federal court.


A Collaborative Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Attorney

While I enjoy the practice of law, I also enjoy having regular, direct contact with my clients. I’m passionate about explaining the often complex issues that can arise in any case. 


My goals are to advocate on your behalf and to educate you along the way. I’ve handled cases involving claims of wrongful death, medical malpractice, sexual assault, premises liability (slip and falls), dog bites, construction accidents, and motor vehicle negligence


Best of all, I have experience in all stages of civil litigation, including as lead counsel in jury trials in both district and superior court. In my free time I enjoy golfing, skiing, boating around coastal Massachusetts (especially the South Shore where I grew up), listening to music, and reading.

My Values:

Diligence & Purpose

“The leading rule for the lawyer, as for the man of every other calling, is diligence.” 


What Abraham Lincoln said in 1850 is still true today. I love the practice of law and the hard work it demands. I believe that, to be an effective attorney, you must be humble enough to recognize that the practice of law requires you to remain a perpetual student. 


This means reading the new cases that our courts publish daily, listening to commentary from others in the field, and re-familiarizing yourself with the statutes, rules, and regulations that might apply to your particular case.

Competence, Clarity, & Deliberateness

My only purpose is to provide excellent representation for you. This purpose is carried out through competence, clarity, and deliberateness. Competence is necessary to understand your case and advise you on how to proceed. 


Clarity is important because every case has contingencies & concerns, and clarity allows us to confront them. I want you to know what these concerns are from my perspective and to be comfortable having honest and candid conversations with me so you can make informed decisions. 


Finally, deliberateness describes the manner in which I will work through your case. A thoughtful and methodical approach to your case is the best way to provide excellent representation. This approach is contrary to an undisciplined approach, where passion takes the driver’s seat. There is a time and place for passion, but it is rarely a state of mind you want controlling the analysis of legal issues or important decision making.

Meet Me in Person to Discuss Your Case

If you need personal injury or criminal defense representation, you deserve competence, clarity, and deliberateness from an attorney with diligence and purpose. Contact me today to schedule a free consultation.

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