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Tips from a Boat Accident Lawyer: What to Do After an Accident

Updated: Apr 19

Boating accidents can be frightening and overwhelming experiences, leaving victims uncertain about what steps to take next. Understanding the legal process after a boat accident is crucial for protecting your rights and seeking fair compensation for your injuries and damages. 

In this article, the boat accident lawyers at The Law Office of John B. Kulevich walk you through the essential steps for navigating the legal aftermath of a boat accident with confidence. Continue reading to prepare yourself in the event your boating adventures are interrupted by unforeseen circumstances.

What are the First Actions Required After a Boating Accident?

After a boat accident, it's essential to prioritize safety and take immediate action. Here's what you need to do:

1. Ensure Safety

Ensure the safety of everyone involved in the accident, including passengers and other boaters.

2. Seek Medical Attention

Seek medical attention for any and all injuries — no matter how minor they may seem. Prompt medical care is essential for your health and well-being.

3. Document the Scene

Gather evidence by taking photographs of the accident scene, obtaining witness contact information, and documenting any relevant details about the incident.

Reporting the Accident

Reporting the accident is crucial for documentation and potential legal action. The law enforcement agency that regulates local marine law in the Commonwealth is the Massachusetts Environmental Police.

You should report to the Environmental Police any boating accident that “results in death, disappearance, injury beyond first aid or property damage in excess of $500.00.” 

To report an accident to the MEP, download, complete, and submit a Boating Accident Report, which you can find here: Reporting a boat accident.

Understanding Your Legal Rights

Knowing your legal rights is essential for protecting yourself and seeking compensation for your losses:

  • Consultation with a Boat Accident Attorney: Seek legal guidance from an experienced boat accident lawyer who can help you understand your rights and options.

  • Know Your Rights: Understand your rights as a boat accident victim, including the right to pursue compensation for damages.

  • Statute of Limitations: Be aware of the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim after a boat accident and take prompt action to protect your rights.

Gathering Evidence and Documentation

Gathering evidence and documentation is crucial for building a strong case:

  • Medical Records: Obtain and retain medical records documenting injuries sustained in the accident.

  • Witness Statements: Obtain statements from witnesses who observed the accident to support your case.

  • Maintenance Records: If applicable, obtain maintenance records for the boat involved in the accident to establish liability.

Filing an Insurance Claim

Filing an insurance claim is often the first step in seeking compensation for your losses:

  • Contacting Your Insurance Company: Initiate the claims process with your insurance company by providing accurate information about the accident.

  • Negotiating with Insurers: Negotiate with insurance adjusters to ensure fair compensation for your injuries and damages.

  • Legal Assistance: Seek legal representation from a boat accident lawyer if you encounter challenges with your insurance claim or if you believe you're not being offered a fair settlement.

Pursuing Legal Action

In some cases, pursuing legal action may be necessary to recover full and fair compensation:

  • Legal Options: Explore your legal options for pursuing compensation from negligent parties responsible for the accident.

  • Filing a Lawsuit: Understand the process of filing a personal injury lawsuit and the steps involved in seeking compensation through litigation.

  • Settlement Negotiations: Participate in settlement negotiations with the at-fault party's insurance company or boat accident attorney to reach a fair resolution.

Learn More About Your Rights at The Law Office of John B. Kulevich

Navigating the legal process after a boat accident can be complex, but with the right guidance and support, you can protect your rights and seek fair compensation for your injuries and damages. 

By following the steps outlined in this guide and seeking assistance from an experienced boat accident attorney, you can navigate the legal aftermath of a boat accident with confidence and peace of mind. 

Don't hesitate to take action to protect your rights and hold negligent parties accountable for their actions. If you or a loved one were involved in a boating accident, contact The Law Office of John B. Kulevich today.


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