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  • John B. Kulevich

Should you choose a big personal injury firm or a small firm (like mine!)?

Updated: May 22, 2023

This is something that depends upon a client’s personal preferences. My advice is to

focus on the lawyer, not on the size of the firm. It is extremely important that you are

comfortable with your attorney. Fundamentally, your relationship is with your lawyer, not with

the law firm he or she works at. When speaking with a lawyer for the first time, ask yourself if he or she appears competent and conscientious. After all, this attorney, not his or her collective law firm, will be your advocate. Does the attorney take the time to hear your story and explain things to you? Or do you think that the attorney just wants to sign you up and put your case in the queue?

I enjoy the close relationship that I have with my clients and the time that I can

personally devote to each of their cases. Clients are individuals with their own preferences. Some like frequent communication, while others like a quick update once a month. Some like communicating entirely by email, while others like phone calls or in-person meetings. I understand and appreciate that my clients have their own preferences, and that no two clients are alike.

While the personal relationship between a lawyer and client requires an individualized

approach, so does the approach to the legal aspects of that client’s case. Although many legal issues can overlap in a particular type of case (e.g., motor vehicle accident, wrongful death, slip and fall), there are always details that are specific to each case which require an attorney to look at each case individually. A “cookie cutter” approach to every case does not work.

I can give my clients the individual attention they need, and the thoughtful but zealous

advocacy they deserve. Also, I do not have the massive overhead of many large law firms which requires them to always be looking at the bottom line and working to get cases settled quickly to keep up with the monthly expenses of the firm. Finally, I will work with you to achieve the best result we can within the time frame appropriate to your individual case.

John B Kulevich - Personal Injury Attorney - Boston MA
John B Kulevich - Personal Injury Attorney - Boston MA


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